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I’m having a baby in 2 months and am really wanting to get a puppy, am I crazy?

Sydney asked:

Our beloved Australian cattle dog died suddenly last weekend of what the vet called an acute cardiac event my husband and I are lost without her and have the opportunity to rescue a puppy that we both really want. Does this sound insane? We both love dogs and think we can make it work, but this is a first child and we really don’t know what we are in for. Can anyone offer some advice?

Why my puppy chews holes in my walls?

puppy rescue
alvin r asked:

I have a 10 month old lab/hound mix… not sure what type of hound, we rescued her from a shelter 6 months ago. Ever since we’ve gotten her, she’s been in the crate at night and during the day when we’re at work. We’ve just moved into a brand new home and for almost a month now, our puppy’s been staying in our laundry room upstairs, without her crate, barracaded with a baby gate. Until recently we haven’t had any issues. But twice in the past week, we’ve come home and found holes in the walls of the laundry room… with drywall all over her mouth and in her claws! We leave treats in her kong, at least three other chew toys, and we leave the radio on. We do excercise her when it’s not raining outside, and even if it is, we still play fetch indoors. What are we supposed to do?

Dog Adoption Tips I Learned From My 2 Dogs

There’s a hole in your life that only a dog can fill. You wish a special dog, perhaps just a full-grown adult. Maybe your code of ethics requires saving a dog’s life – not shopping for a fashionable purebred.

I’m not a veterinarian or a dog trainer, however I’ve enjoyed two successful adoptions. Here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way.

(one) Clarify your needs before time.

Once you’re standing in front of a cage, it’s straightforward to mention, “Well, he’s a lot bigger than I expected, and I really wanted a female, however oh he’s SO cute!” No amount of love or training can help if your dog desires more exercise than you’ll provide.

(two) Know the difference between shelter and rescue groups.

Most cities have humane societies where you can view dogs and build a choice. Rescue groups typically hold animals in foster care – that is nice, because you can raise the foster mom all types of questions. For instance, they’ll say, “This dog lived with 2 cats thus you recognize you’ll be able to trust her.”

(3) Be prepared to pay.

Shelter animals aren’t free, but you are doing get value for money. Expect to pay a fee which will embrace spay/neuter costs, licensing, and/or veterinarian visits.

(four) Consider an older dog.

By the point a dog has turned three or four, she’s as huge as she’s visiting get. No surprises! You’ll additionally have clues regarding his temperament.

(5) Set up to confine the dog throughout a period of transition.

Your new dog doesn’t get it. She was in a loving home (or left alone in a yard all day or perhaps abused). Then she spent some weeks in an exceedingly cage, feeling lonely and isolated. Perhaps she’s been passed around to multiple homes.

Bottom line, she’s stressed. She could chew, dig, bark, or even lose her house coaching at first.

Crating the dog prevents harmful behavior. My dogs each looked visibly relieved as they retreated to their crates each day. “Time to relax,” they seemed to say.

(6) Invest in training.

Most dogs are turned over to the shelter because of behavior problems. If you’re new to the planet of dog behavior, take a category or hire a professional. Most behavior will be corrected, even among older dogs. However if you’re not sure, raise a professional. Some behaviors can’t be “fixed.”

(seven) Incorporate massive doses of exercise and walks into your day.

Walking together builds your bond and a tired dog could be a smart dog. Begin the exercise program immediately thus you’ll be able to gain a way of how much exercise the dog needs – an important factor within the dog’s adjustment – and begin training for the fundamentals on the approach home from the shelter.

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