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AHHH ps1 ”102 dalmations puppies to the rescue” help lol?

puppy rescue
evilfluffbunny666 asked:


me and my friend have been playing
102 dalmations puppies to the rescuce

it’s a pretty simple kids game

but we cant get past the second level

we collect all 100 bones, 6 puppies even all the bonus stickers

why does it keep bringing us back to the begining of the second level?

there are passowrds/ cheat codes online

but it doesnt say where your suppost to type them in

i know it’s a stupid game

but were really bored

lol thanks for the help!

puppy dog
So what do puppies have to do with negotiating for a motorcycle? It is assumed that you want to get your bike for the least amount of your money, and that you are looking out for your own best interests. However, you might be unwittingly working against yourself if you are unaware of a strong emotional force present in every transaction.

** The following is excerpted from the book, The Perfect Motorcycle: How to Choose, Find and Buy the Perfect New or Used Bike. The information provided here will give you a framework to guide your motorcycle purchases. Space limitations preclude an in-depth discussion of the subject. You can find out about the book at www.theperfectmotorcycle.com. There are also 18 checklists and worksheets available for download at www.theperfectmotorcycle.com/download-worksheets-and-che.html that you can use to supplement the information in the book.

Professional sellers know many ways to tip the scales in their favor and get the most money for their products. Professional selling methods include techniques to close the sale to prospective buyers, appropriately called “closes.” The Puppy Dog Close is the most powerful closing technique used by sellers to win an emotional commitment and to even have the prospect help sell the product to them. But, what the pros don’t tell you is that this technique can be used on either side—you can also use this approach in your favor. It is also important to realize that this emotional mechanism is in play in every sale, even when a professional isn’t involved.

Here’s how the close got its name: You walk past a pet store window, and see a pen full of puppies and think they’re cute. You also consider their training, how their cries will wake you up, and the expense for their food, vet care, leashes, collars, and grooming. People don’t like change. You were doing fine before you walked past, and it will take effort to change the current situation. The scale will tip in favor of the seller and you will take action to take a puppy home, only if the every one of the objections you have to dog ownership are overcome. You are looking for reasons not to get a puppy.

The savvy pet shop owner picks up a dog you were looking at, approaches you, hands you the puppy and says, “I see you were looking at this puppy. I know it’s hard to decide. I’ll tell you what. I’ll lend you a dog pillow, a leash, a food bowl, a book about this type of dog, and I’ll give you a week’s worth of kibble. You can take the dog home to see how it works out. Bring it back in a week, if you don’t want it, and I’ll refund all your money.” Now, if you take the dog home, you will have crossed an emotional line. You will look for every reason to keep the puppy.

The scale has been tipped in favor of the seller. Again, people don’t like change. It would take a lot for you change the current situation and return the dog to the shop. So, you get a little howling or chewing on the coffee table? No biggie. Even your brother-in-law does that. Heck, in the last week, you showed “your” dog to all your friends, took pictures of it to share with coworkers, and even named it. The dog is emotionally yours, and you are invested in taking responsibility for it. You are now working for the seller in the negotiation, and the sale is almost certainly closed.

In professional sales, the seller uses techniques to get you to emotionally “own” the product. They will get you to imagine yourself enjoying the benefits of ownership. They will get you to sit on the bike and imagine what it would feel like to be on the open road. They will use language to paint a mental picture like, “What do you think your buddies will say when you ride up on your new bike?” and “Won’t it be great after a long day’s ride, sitting in your garage with a cold beer, looking at your beautiful bike parked next to your workbench?” “Let’s see if we can get the manager to get you test ride on your bike.” Once you emotionally cross the line and own this bike in your mind, you begin doing their job for them.

The “puppy dog close” is used by marketers and sellers every day in many ways and guises you might not have considered. Common examples are; moneyback guarantees, trial subscriptions, first-month free rebates, test drives, and introductory prices. These programs are used to lower the cost or risk of acquiring the product and get the consumer emotionally owning it while additionally making it difficult to undo the new relationship.

The bottom line of all this puppy talk is you need to be aware of this impulse in yourself, and emotionally disconnect yourself from the outcome of the negotiation to get the best deal. Regardless of the source you decide to buy from, reseller, individual, or auction—if you picture yourself with this bike in your driveway, stop! Motorcycles are just products, like a can of soup, or a piece of lumber. Your words are important, too. What you say and what you feel can be different. You can say, “I want to buy this” but you could really mean. “I want to get the best deal.”

Think about how you could use this puppy dog strategy in reverse as a buyer. Once you have convinced the seller that you are likely to buy that motorcycle, he will look for reasons to finish the sale with you rather than someone else. So, if you say, “I’ll take it,” and if the buyer believes you will, you now have the upper hand and can negotiate from a stronger position. Up to the point where the title transfer is signed, you have the ability to tell the seller you changed your mind. In some states, you can even change your mind up to a couple of days later if you have buyer’s remorse. Of course, if you decide to “puppy dog” the seller, you should only do so if you really want to buy the motorcycle and the terms of the deal are close to those you want.

Now that you are aware of this technique, don’t let sellers “puppy dog” you, and don’t haphazardly “puppy dog” sellers, either. You shouldn’t disappoint people for sport by reneging on a purchase, but you can often wring a few concessions on a bike you want to buy by continuing to negotiate after indicating that a deal has been struck.

By: Kevin Domino

About the Author:

Kevin Domino’s book, “The Perfect Motorcycle: How to Choose, Find and Buy the Perfect New or Used Bike,” is published by 671 Press. www.theperfectmotorcycle.com

Kevin is an avid motorcycle enthusiast with a riding career spanning four decades. He has ridden many hundreds of thousands of miles on dozens of new and used motorcycles from around the world, and participated in many motorcycling activities, from riding dirt bikes and motocross to motorcycle commuting in metro areas, to long-distance rides and rallies.

Kevin’s writing is enriched by the business perspective earned in nearly 30 years in professional sales and operations management for high-tech companies.

Currently based in the Midwestern U.S., he is preparing two more books for publication.

dog rescue
Training a dog requires many hours of dedication and patience. A rescued dog will require double the patience and dedication to achieve the desired results. However, the rewards will be worth the effort.

Unplanned litters continue to be common even though the practice of spaying and neutering has been around for decades. The result is that the number of puppies born far outnumber the number of available homes. And if you combine this with dogs that are lost or have runaway, the animal shelters are spilling over. Many of these dogs will never find homes in time and be euthanized.

For a some lucky dogs, there is a second chance. They could be adopted from shelters or missions or taken in off of the street and into the care of a willing family. The new owners, however, are often not quite sure how best to deal with the rescued dog.

Rescued dogs are often in poor shape when they are brought in to a shelter. They often have a history of abuse or neglect and sometimes lived in horrendous conditions. Other times, for a number of different reasons, these dogs were released into the wild to fend for themselves.

A dog’s nature is to be a pack animal. Wild dogs generally do poorly on their own. Released domesticated dogs do very poorly in the wild, without any animal or human interaction. Wild dogs such as these are usually fearful and distrustful of humans, but with proper training they can learn to overcome these traits.

A rescued dog will need a full examination by a vet as the first step in the rehabilitation process. A dog will not be able to respond positively to any training if it is in pain or sick. It’s crucial to give them enough time regain their health.

It may be a tall order, but whenever possible try to get the dog√¢‚Ǩ‚-¢s history. Your training efforts will be helped if you have information on the dog’s past abuse or medical history.

It is important to establish trust with a rescued dog slowly. It is important not to force yourself on the dog. The animal will begin to seek you out once they have learned to trust you. Many dogs are food driven so using treats to build trust can help. Try stepping back a bit after putting a treat on the floor. Avoid direct eye contact. It is important to praise them once they take the treat.

It is not uncommon for some rescue animals to initially seek out physical contact . Many others will take longer. But once you have established it, try to roll the dog over onto his back and place your hand on their chest. You will have two possible reaction, either resistance from an aggressive dog or fearful acceptance from a passive dog. Neither aggression nor fear is good. Forcing an aggressive dog into a submissive position is done under normal training. A rescued dog will not respond well to this. Take your time and establish trust. Make sure that a fearful dog understands that being on its back is not a punishment by given it a belly rub and talking in a calm voice.

In the case of a rescued dog training can be slow and difficult. They are often older dogs, mixed, and with difficult temperaments which makes training more challenging. Don’t give up. Your perseverance will pay off.

Don’t feel sorry for the dog. This is counter-productive and will only hinder the training. Be patient, loving and understanding but don’t let the dog have the run of the house. You must establish your position as a leader and let the rescued dog understand that you are the alpha of the pack.

Rescuing a dog from a shelter is great adventure and with a little extra work and patience, will give you a great companion for year.

By: Stefan Hyross

About the Author:

Stefan Hyross writes for the site All About Dogs ‘N Puppies. Correct common dog behavior problems and other issues. Feel free to visit the site for puppy potty training techniques and tips for you and your dog.

3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy

There are as several ways in which to boost a puppy as there are to raising a child. In fact, one way per family generally! However most of us agree that when it comes to youngsters, bound things are universal and undisputed. Here are 3 things {that a} lot of people just do not assume of when it involves raising their dogs, however. How many times have we have a tendency to heard, “My dog simply won’t hear me”, or “He simply will not behave!”

1. Dogs don’t understand English until we teach them.

The issue we tend to all love about puppies the foremost is that the way they live for us, the method they focus all they need on us, the way our lives become theirs. in the beginning, they study us to learn our body language, our facial expressions and our language. Until we tend to teach them the English language, it’s all they have. If we tend to say, “Wanna go out?” in some unspecified time in the future, “Have to go potty?” the next day, and, “Hafta pee?” the third day, if they DO determine what we need, it’s as a result of we have picked up the leash and moved toward the door with a contented face! If you would like to speed up his coaching by 3-fold, teach him YOUR language. Choose a command for EACH behavior and keep on with it. Tell all in your family to use the identical words and commands, and your puppy can amaze you at how much faster he learns.

2. A young puppy’s metabolism is racing along faster than we have a tendency to think.

The younger your puppy is, the faster he’s growing, the additional food and water he desires to fuel his metabolism, and therefore the more usually he has to travel potty. Don’t punish your puppy when he makes a house-breaking mistake. These are YOUR fault. Your puppy’s age in weeks and his breed size confirm how often he must go out. Once an hour is not too usually for a massive 6-week recent puppy, particularly if it is summertime. Dogs love the exciting smells outdoors, therefore there is no excuse to not have him housebroken by seven-eight weeks of age. Right when a nap, after he eats and once grooming are the key times, and he can signal you. If he’s happily chewing a toy and gets up suddenly along with his nose to the floor, move quickly! And each time he goes potty outside, praise him to high heaven! “What a good BOYY!”, “GOOD go potty!” and also the like. Dogs love our happy faces, and they will do something to induce it.

3. Dogs live for our facial expressions and body language.

As a result of of this, the worst punishment you ever would like to give your dog could be a scowl and to flip far from him. You’ll see his tail cave in and his face get therefore sad. He can learn the lesson, I guarantee it. However his attention span is solely three-5 minutes, therefore do not scorn him any longer. Love him up and provide him your happy face again. Physical punishment isn’t necessary. Use consistent commands and loving praise and he can recognize what you want of him before you know. He will become a master of your body language and facial expressions in no time at all.

Naturally there are a number of aspects of coaching your puppy well. Loving kindness works simply in addition for puppies because it will with youngsters, making a cheerful, well-adjusted and obedient dog for life. These three necessary tips, used consistently with confidence, will start him well on his way.

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Basic Puppy Care – First Weeks

When you choose the puppy of your dreams, you can take him home while not a manual to inform you ways to succeed at raising him.  The first night is usually laborious as a result of the puppy can start to miss his Mom and different siblings.  He may cry or whine through out the night.  One will hardly blame him for his actions.
The pup will need a soft, dry, and safe place to sleep.  Maybe throw in a very cloth or toy that has his litter mates or Mom’s scent on it.  If you run to him when he cries, you may be reinforcing the habit.  Inserting a sheet over the box or crate can get the pup used to going to sleep at that time.
Puppies are mischievous by nature, and like their feline companions, get into everything.  Be sure hazardous things like marbles, wires, rocks, and any type of harmful plants are way out of the puppy’s way.
Scolding your pup should be just like telling a kid NO.  However, when you tell him NO, you must show him the right behavior.  For example, if he’s chomping the newspaper, take it away and replace it wit one in every of his toys.  Praise him for chewing his toy.  Reprimands ought to be sharp and short.  Hitting or spanking may produce additional issues down the road.  The pup can become fearful, shy, or aggressive.  Forever reward for proper behaviors.  Treats create a nice reinforcer.  So could be a easy scratch between the ears and a hug,
Feed him a dry food especially created for puppies.  Watch out for very high protein and additional vitamins as they may be harmful to your growing puppy.  Feed him two or 3 times a day.  Usually once fifteen minutes, the pup will have eaten all they want, thus you’ll remove the dish.  As thy grow, after 10 to twelve weeks of age, feed them one in the morning and once at night.
All of these should help your new pup get through those 1st horrible weeks faraway from his family.  The bond forming between you will last a lifetime.

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Home Pet Grooming Tips

Pet grooming will be performed by the owner or from a professional who has gone to high school to learn the craft. If you are a do-it-your-self sort person there are many safety tips you might wish to keep in mind. The animal you are grooming is special to you and you may need to stay the animal safe and calm during the pet grooming experience. Any undue pain or injury caused by unsafe practices will cause emotional stress to your animal and harm to the trust level the pet may have with you. The subsequent tips can guarantee a secure and pleasurable pet grooming experience.

Most pets don’t like this, but the surplus hair that forms within the ears must be clipped. Excess hair can build moisture that can entice bacteria and cause ear infections or be a breeding ground for ear mites. These varieties of afflictions will cause your pet a nice deal of discomfort. Infections cause the animal to scratch and shake their head. Mites will really cause the animal to try to to harm to their inner canal as they stick their nails within attempting to scratch. Giant eared dogs have already got a predisposition for ear problems and the shaking of their ears back in forth will rupture blood vessels. Skilled pet groomers have specialised equipment to get rid of ear hair, however the novice might use nose hair trimmers to induce the identical effect. The noise of the clippers could scare the pet, therefore stroke him with the opposite hand and provide soothing words to calm them.

Another novice mistake is to shave the animal all the way. Pet grooming experts will try this at the request of the owner, but it is unwell suggested if the animal is an outside pet. The coat protects the animal from the cold and conjointly from the sun. Both components will cause serious skin harm to your pet that might lead to expensive veterinarian bills. The shortage of hair on the body will cause rashes. The hair in some breeds secrete essential oils that defend and lubricate the skin, whereas others such as Labradors have two coats that serve totally different functions for the animals safety. Try to shave mats as shut as possible until you are able to work them out with a brush. Even shaving mat patches to the skin will leave your pet in peril of the sun and wind.

If you employ a clipper, brush the hair backwards against the grain and then move your clippers with the grain. Pet grooming specialists may use a variety of length of clipper combs that may be used in variance with the length and thickness of the coat. The novice pet groomer may use home hair clipper systems, however they must experiment first in one unnoticeable area before continuing the whole job. When shaving the underbelly, beware the nipples.

Even on a male pet this can a painful experience if they are cut or cut off. Home pet grooming is an inexpensive means to keep your pet healthy and happy, but it is additionally a way for your pet to be injured or tousled therefore unhealthy that only  professional pet grooming can fix the house owners mistake.

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Dogs that Itch

It makes dog owners crazy, the dog that has skin that is so itchy and uncomfortable {that the} dog is constantly scratching at itself, using paws and teeth to worry at the world until the dog has removed all the hair from the area and also the remaining flesh is raw and bleeding. This bald area, a spot that almost all dog owners call a hot spot, is an eyesore and causes some dog house owners such acute embarrassment that they’re unable to require their dogs out in public. Alternative dog owners are steadily driven mad by the sound of their dog constantly ripping and tearing at its flesh, the sound of the scratching is frequently amid the dog whining and crying as they rip at their flesh.

It does not take terribly long before the dog owner is desperate for some suggests that of treating their dog’s itchy skin.

There are several chemical treatments which will be used to assist your dog with its itchy problem. Though most of these chemical treatments work, some dogs have severe and sometimes fatal, allergies to the chemicals. Dog house owners would be wise to turn to grooming as their 1st defense against their dogs persistent itching.

The simplest policy for an itchy dog is to brush it on a daily basis. Most canine itching issues are caused by pollens, dirt, mats, and dander that keep on the dogs coat. If left on the dogs hair long enough the pollens, dirt, and dander begin irritating the dogs skin and dog begin chewing and biting at the offending spot. Brushing your dog’s hair just once daily can help forestall the build-of things that may cause itching problems. Not only will you be preventing a bout of itching your dog will love the time spent with its owner.

Bathing your dog is an excellent method to forestall your dog from developing an itching problem. But don’t arrange on bathing your dog on a daily basis. To a lot of water and shampoo can completely strip your dog of the oils that are naturally found on the dog’s skin. When these natural oils are stripped away the dog’s skin dries out and becomes more prone to infections. Dry skin in dogs is just as painful and scratchy to a dog as it’s to somebody’s that suffers from an identical condition, and dogs can rub lotion into themselves to correct the problem.

When you are grooming your dog create positive you listen to their ears. Dogs can get little biting insects called ear mites in their ears. When the ear mites begin to bite the dogs begin scratching at their ears, and excessive quantity of clawing and pulling at the ear can result in some probably ear health issues. If you notice that their is peculiar odor emanating from your dog’s ears and {that the} dog now not wants you to touch his ears he is most likely developing an ear infection. Contact your local veterinarian for data concerning how to require care of your dog’s problematic ears.

If, despite your best efforts, your dog does develop a hot spot that he chews till it is raw and oozing blood, consult your veterinarian about what topical antibiotic cream you can rub into the recent spot that can stop infection. If your dog has notably nasty habit of clawing at the hot spot with their teeth, your veterinarian might suggest that they were a large cone formed collar that will forestall them from scratching at the spot until it’s had time to heal.

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