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Rehoming dog, hard decision that I need help with. ?

B3lla asked:

I have a pomeranian that just turned a year. I have grown very attached to her. However, since my ex and I broke up I am having a hard time deciding what I am gonna do. It is possible for me to take care of her, but now that Im single I want to stay as busy as possible. Going out and meeting new people.. Working. School. I have not neglected her at all, I have made sacrafices to keep her happy because I know she deserves this. But Im not happy. Not completely. Dont get me wrong, she brings me a lot of joy. But I keep thinking she would be better off with an older couple or something. Im having a terrible time with this, I hope I dont sound terrible. I just want us both to be happy. Help 🙁 Giving her away will be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.