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Rehoming a stray dog?

Cash–Rescue, Foster, Adopt! asked:

So i found a very sweet stray, he was never claimed. I am suspicious he was dumped. Since he wasn’t claimed, I decided to put an ad and rehome him.
I asked each potential adopter these questions
Will the dog be indoors? He isn’t potty trained, are you willing to train him?
Is the yard secure?
Do you have other pets?
Will you fix the dog? (which in turn requires a vet visit and vaccinations)
When I find a home for him, i plan on taking him to the prospective home to check out the environment. Any other questions I should ask?
I have gotten some great responses in rehoming him, but I want to make sure he won’t end up on the streets again.
Thanks…i have low cost neuter info from agencies available to give to the new owner

Does Anyone Know Where to Adopt a Lab/German Shepherd Mix Puppy?

Lily asked:

Hi! Thanks for helping! My family and I are looking for a Lab/German Shepherd Mix Puppy for Adoption, preferably in new york or new england. we are hoping to find a special breeder, but if anyone knows where we can find a rescue, that’s great too. However, we’re really only looking for puppies. We have 2 pets, a German Shepherd Female REscue-very gentle, sweet, smart, and HUGE! and a cat-very fat!!
thank you!
Oh yeah, and we’re preferably looking for a black lab/German shepherd mix!

puppy dog
A variety of puppy dog toys can be chosen so that your pooch can enjoy playing as per his mood. Not necessarily all dogs enjoy playing in the same manner! Your dog’s style which may be just to cuddle the toy, only teething or may be he feels like eating the toy when playing would be the deciding factor, as to which toy shall exactly fit into his needs. Every dog needs something to gnaw on! So give your pooch plush puppy dog toys that are uniquely designed to provide fun for both you and your dog. Keep your dog active and happy!

Chewing is one of the best possible exercises for strong jaws. Giving your pet dog chewable puppy dog toys for improving his dental conditions is a smart cum fun technique. Some people generally use such chewable toys for dogs to keep him busy and active! However one should not give their pets many chewable toys at one time. If your pet dog is fond of toys give him various types of dog toys. Giving him several chewing toys together could make him feel bored with the toys and he might just refrain from playing with them and chewing on them.

A lot of research goes into creating puppy dog toys. All these type of toys have been tested as a safe product for your canine. Puppy dog toys are available in various colors and designs that allow you to choose one for your pooch according to the color he best likes and as per his needs. Toys are useful for your poochie so that he doesn’t get bored at home; however, they are also ideal for long drives or for a road journey. When going on a long drive, don’t forget to put your pet in a car seat to ensure his safety. You can opt for car seats that enable you to serve food and water easily to your pooch while traveling and also provide storage to keep the puppy dog toys and other things too.

The preferences of your dog matters a lot when it comes to selecting puppy dog toys for him. You can even get one that is shaped like a bone so that your dog likes it more. Anyone would love to get a toy of this kind and admire it. Many companies have also launched a wide range of different toys in order to fulfill each pet owner’s requirement for new toys. These are ideal as rewards for your pet for good behavior and during the dog training period. Toys bring in a lot of joy and contentment in your pet’s life.

Buying your furry friend different kinds of toys will not only keep him occupied, it will also help your dog exercise its body and brain. Puppy dog toys are available for both small and big dogs so you just need to choose accordingly. The best part is that these toys are all available online and you don’t even need to leave home in order to purchase them.

By: Sandra Ruper

About the Author:

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Want To Stop Dogs From Digging? Here’s How

stop dog
Has this ever happened to you?  You discover your dog has been digging holes in your newly planted garden, and it’s a mess.  How can you stop dogs from digging, and end this annoying dog behavior problem?

Why Dogs Dig Holes

Before you can stop the behavior, you need to figure out why he’s doing it.  Digging holes is normal behavior for dogs, but some carry it to an extreme.

The most common reason for any dog behavior problem is boredom.  We take animals that were meant to spend their time outdoors in the woods and fields and confine them to a small house or yard for hours on end.  Canines are social animals, and they live in packs in the wild.  Often we leave our pets by themselves all day.  

When you think about it, it’s an unnatural situation for them.  Is it any wonder they’re bored?  A bored dog is a dog behavior problem just waiting to happen, as they turn to activities like digging to occupy themselves.  

Some dogs just like to dig.  Certain breeds, like terriers, retrievers, and hounds, are more prone to hole digging than others, although all dogs will do it.  

Digging is an instinctive behavior for canines.  In the wild, they store food by burying it.  They also dig dens for shelter for their puppies, and to protect themselves from weather extremes.

How Can You Stop Dogs From Digging?

Keeping him occupied is a big part of the problem.  People assume that dogs get lots of exercise just by being out in the yard, but that’s not true.  You’ll see dogs pacing up and down fences, but this is a nervous behavior that doesn’t really burn off their energy.  It’s important that your dog has a long walk every morning and evening.  If you don’t have time for this, consider hiring a dog walker.  

If there’s a dog park nearby, take him there everyday so he can run and play with other pups.  This is a great way for him to use up energy and fulfill his social needs as well.

Give him his own corner of the yard to dig in, or make him a digging pit.  When you catch him digging where he’s not supposed to, say “NO” loudly, redirect him to his own area, and praise him when he digs there.  Don’t make the mistake of punishing him later for digging behavior.  Canines live in the present, and he won’t understand what you’re punishing him for.

If your dog starts digging in the garden when you’re there, squirt him with a water gun, making sure he doesn’t know you did it.  Or turn on the sprinkler.  You may even want to put the sprinkler on a timer so that it comes on unexpectedly when you’re not there.  This is effective because he thinks the garden is doing it to him, not you.

Spend Time With Your Pet

Here’s some food for thought.  Your pooch loves your attention.  A great way to give him attention is to spend ten minutes a day training him.  Make the training sessions fun and lively.  He loves being with you, and he also enjoys learning new things, which stimulates his mind.  By ending the problem of a bored dog, you can often stop dogs from digging.

By: Darlene Norris

About the Author:

Darlene Norris has worked at a vet clinic and an animal shelter, and has had lots of experience with dogs. If you need to stop dogs from digging, and solve other dog behavior problems, visit No More Bad Dogs at http://NoMoreBadDogs.com to learn about a dog training course that will work wonders!

Stop Dog Barking – Stop Excessive Dog Barking

stop dog
Dog barking if left can get out of hand and then becomes uncontrollable when a remedy is taken late to alternate its barking behavior, it is always good to train your dog to stop dog barking because taking dogs barking for granted might result in your dog biting someone or even you. Always try to apply some dog barking remedy as soon as you notice your dog has developed a barking problem, it’s also good to start initially to stop your dog barking because if you leave it to continue, he might make it a habit and then trying to stop the dog barking later on might not be easy. Naturally your dog is supposed to bark when a stranger or a thief approaches you or any of your things, you know quiet well is not normal for your dogs to bark when something that is not usual is going on. To stop dog barking has strategies just like everything else, its always good for you to allow your dogs to socialize with other dogs especially dogs that of good behaviors not those that are naughty, this can help to stop dog barking, at least you can take your dog to a friends house or dogs park or something like that to spend sometime with his/her or other dogs. Dogs just like human beings needs socialization, remember that whenever you are bored, you don’t feel relaxed you always look for things to use and get away with your boredom. Dogs love meeting new dogs, sometimes you might have noticed the excitement in them whenever they see dogs like them passing by, they always love to approach them if an opportunity is giving to them. I recommend you to visit Kingdom of Pets if you want to stop your dog barking.

Another method you can use to stop dog barking is by petting them, its your pet and you need to pet them, don’t punish them whenever they do little things. Some dogs owner love scolding their dogs which is very bad, these cant stop dog barking rather it would make dogs be aggressive, these normally make dogs start to bark out of the fear you impacted in dogs. Try as much as possible to avoid stuffs like beating, tapping, smacking or even kicking it, these are the most things that encourage dog barking. It is always necessary to leave dogs with their mom when they are born newly, its one of the things believed to help stop dog barking the easy way with taking it to a long extent, when you take dogs away from their mom before they are 5 months of age they wont get the necessary pre natal care from their mom. It’s like taking away a newborn babe from their mom, don’t you think this would do her great harm. Just like human beings, dogs need care, these can reduce or even stop dog barking.

Dogs that bark anyhow could be dangerous at times because you need to know why the dog is barking. When you take your dog barking problems for granted and it bites someone you could be sued for it resulting in hundreds or even thousand of dollars for dog bites when you can easily apply some strategies to use to stop dogs barking problems. Provide your dogs with variety of toys to keep them busy, try to impact in them the habit of playing with those toys but don’t let them over do it, it might go to another level, you can let them play with it for 2 or 3 hours and then put them to another task like eating or any thing you feel can help them get busy.

Some dogs do not know whether barking is good or wrong, they have lived with it since they were born, its your duty to make them stop barking, sometimes you can tell you dogs to stop barking when they bark, words like that can ease the situation. Always try to scold dogs a little when they are barking in friendly way, do not leave it till after they’ve finished barking, trying to hit them when dogs bark can worsen the whole situation. You can try splashing your dog some little water on the face to stop barking, these might ease the barking come from your dogs. When you have noticed it has stopped barking, try to reward it with something you know your dog love so much, everything has a reward, now that you know that you don’t like your dog barking and you tried some tricks to make it stop and finally it did stop, reward her immediately don’t wait for it to pass so long, you can reward it after 4 seconds or less, you can try saying words like good dog, another day don’t bark, I will always treat good if you stop barking, I hate it when you bark, in a cool and gentle way, less i forget while you say this words you could touch her body, the hairs and of course the head these might make your dog feel that the owner doesn’t like dogs barking.

They are many numerous ways to stop dog barking, you may never know the type your dog needs to stop its behavior, I recommend you to get these ebook on how to stop dogs behavior it would go a long way in stopping your dog barking behavior, not only that but also stop your dog jumping, bitting, urinating anyhow or even digging holes, no matter what their problem might be. I equally use it to stop my dog biting problems; it is rich in dogs training. Visit Kingdom of Pets

By: Osita Modozie

About the Author:

A Look at Discount Dog Beds

Several folks wish to make sure their family pet has just the right bed, however would possibly not be willing to pay the (often quite hefty) price.  It’s actually additional troublesome to seek out designer and luxury dog beds especially for outsized pets than it’s to seek out discount dog beds for average sized animals. If you’re not too fussy concerning the planning of the fabrics being employed in the bed; if your dog is of average size and weight; and if her sleeping habits don’t seem to be too extreme within the curling up or stretching out situations; you’ll most likely save a ton of money when you purchase a dog bed that’s right for her.

To start with, a ton of the more expensive bed-makers amendment their designs just like clothing designers do for folks, if nearly as often.  The changes do result in closeouts and discontinued things being drastically marked down at pet outlets across the country and on the Internet. Then there are the many pet supermarkets and discount retailers who carry a variety of snug beds, in an exceedingly selection of colors at prices abundant reduced from the luxurious beds obtainable at upscale pet shops.

Then there’s continuously the option to travel ahead and make your own dog bed.  If you’ve got any sewing ability in the slightest degree, (and for the most part, a dog bed is a lot of concerning being comfy and durable than about wanting nice) you’ll be able to manufacture a mean-sized, comfortable, washable dog bed for simply a few bucks worth of cloth and filler material. Cut a number of pieces of material – it can be from an recent sheet, a shower curtain, or a nice comfortable previous bathrobe – and stitch them together to create a pillow of the correct size.  Stuff it with filler material and you have got a comfortable, straightforward dog bed.  You will conjointly create a fancier dog bed with an upper ring by cutting a long rectangle of cloth and making a tubular pillow to go round the edge.  Then fasten the upper ring to the initial base with hand stitching.

You have got simply created a comfortable, washable bed for your dog created with love by your own two hands using a piece of fabric you’d probably throw away, some quite filler material and a very little little bit of your precious time. What higher approach to save lots of cash and take care of your loving pet at the same time? You’ll enjoy the method of creating the bed simply as abundant as your pet will get pleasure from sleeping in it.

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Dog Grooming Equipment

Dog grooming equipment is a necessity when you are a professional groomer or when you take care of your pet’s needs at home. For home use, the number of items necessary for grooming is not too high, and the specificity should match the dog breed first and foremost. The supplies we are going to discuss here are usually used in professional grooming salons to make the grooming process a lot easier and comfortable for the animals. As for home use, a minimum of accessories should do for a customized grooming.

Probably the most important item of dog grooming equipment is the table. How can one work on a pet by sitting or standing in a very difficult position? Therefore, you need to get the dog to the height you can easily trim nails, brush hair and even wash. Expensive or cheap, grooming tables are available in a high range of models and designs. Hydraulic, electric or stationary items, table selection corresponds to the budget limitations. Consider this item of dog grooming equipment very seriously, because it is essential for work.

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Equally important are the dog grooming brushes; they come in a variety of models and require careful matching to the dog breed. More brushing and several items of dog grooming equipment are necessary for long-haired dogs, to give just an example. Short-haired breeds are less demanding in terms of breeding. Scissors, clippers, blades and all sorts of combs can also prove handy items of dog grooming equipment with numerous practical applications.

The supplies in any dog grooming equipment are usually available with regular pet shops or larger pet stores. Advantageous offers and good discounts are also available with online dealers, and they are certainly worth checking. Invest your money wisely in dog grooming equipment, particularly if you are preparing for a business launch. Individual items may seem cheap, but when you get the total costs, you’ll see that it is definitely not little money.

Dog grooming equipment doesn’t have to be complex to meet regular pet needs, and diversity generally serves for business purposes. Therefore, start spending money once you have decided what is or isn’t practical.

Dog Grooming School

A rewarding but challenging profession, dog grooming requires special training or education. The courses organized by a dog grooming school are the straight-forward chance of getting a job in this activity. In-person practicals are probably the most important part of the training process. An understanding of the pet needs and the possibility to work on live pets become premises for skill development. A dog grooming school could also provide courses for placement assistance, vet technician training and several other specializations that can become the basis for a solid career.

Home study programs make an alternative to a classic dog grooming school. Normally, programs are structured in six or eight-week curricula. The program should be accredited by an official institution, and it is a good idea to check for the accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. There are colleges, trade schools or community colleges that recognize the education achieved in a dog grooming school or the certification following a distance learning program. If you have such options available and you take interest in such a career, then, it’s worth giving it a try.

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Between the home or Internet study options and the real in-person instruction at a dog grooming school, the latter variant is definitely the most convenient. If you don’t find satisfactory information on the Internet, you can ask the local groomers about the school that they attended. You have all the advantages imaginable if you go to a local institution because this means that you’ll be able to practice directly on animals and thus develop the skills properly. Then, there comes the issue of tools, because Internet courses and home programs do not supply the necessary equipment.

Tools are available with the dog grooming school supplies and you will not have to invest at this stage; you can wait until later when you have the money or you want to open your own business. Once you graduate the program of a dog grooming school you will be a certified groomer with the possibility to go for an independent business career or to get a job in a pet salon, vet or rescue center. Last but not least, if you have several school options to choose from, it is important to compare their programs as well as the costs of your education.

All Breeds Dog Grooming – Ways To Groom Your Pet

Only professional groomers can perform all breed dog grooming. Regular dog owners are interested mainly in the way to groom their pet’s breed, as it is natural. You can learn all breed dog grooming by taking some classes or courses designed especially to meet the needs of those who want to make a living out of this profession. Over the years, plenty of schools have been founded and certification can now be obtained online too, as part of long-distance training programs. If you choose this alternative make sure that the trainer has authorization for organizing classes.

Once the all breed dog grooming training is complete you can move on to the next level: starting your own business. Local groomers provide most of the pet-related services in a certain neighborhood although vet centers, kennels and rescue centers have their hands full with similar work. A first difficulty with all breed dog grooming is equipment, because you’ll have to buy a fully equipped grooming table that comes with all the accessories, since only such a tool is designed for the needs of dogs of all sizes.

All items of equipment have a certain role to play, and you don’t know when some will prove very useful. All breed dog grooming requires a comprehensive range of hair combs, brushes, clippers, grinders and the rest, so that all the challenges of the grooming can be faced successfully. Experience and skill represent the advantages that will win you most customers. All breed dog grooming means working on all sorts of dogs, some hairier than the rest. There is a simple explanation for this: a thick-haired dog that needs special coat cutting will be difficult for the owner to groom at home. You’ll have to do the job and for good money too! Be reasonable in your pricing policy, because, this too attracts customers.

Lots of books have been publish under the very same title of ‘All Breed Dog Grooming’; they are usually written by people who have experience in working with animals and who can share their tips and knowledge with others. Nevertheless, although such guides are practical and useful, they do not qualify one for a real dog grooming career. The part with the professional training we’ve mentioned above stays valid. Any business requires certification and authorization, and those are the first things you should be concerned about! Take a look at designer backpacks, how to dunk, designer backpack.