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My female rescue dog is being spayed this week. Any special considerations to bear in mind?

Mary0319 asked:

She sleeps in the yard.. should I keep her inside while she recovers? What else could I do for her to prevent infection and keep her comfy while she gets better?
She’s getting spayed in a non-profit organization which spays stray pets and also owned pets for a donation fee larger than 10 dollars. I’m taking her there because I can’t afford a spay operation at the vet’s. It’s a very clean place with very skilled vets doing the surgeries… my neighbor volunteers and is a vet tech there, and she’ll be assisting my dog’s surgery. I’ll be calling the vet for some pointers and any medicine I should give her too, but in the meantime I wanted to start preparing what I could do.
She’s a rescued dog.. her age is about a year and a half. She’s mixed breed, looks kinda like a German Pinscher.