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I just found my new rescue mix dog having seizure?

Vicm0322 asked:

I have a mix rescue dog about a year old and have had her about two weeks. I found her in the back room having a seizure. She was shaking all over. Thought she had a nail caught in carpet at first and was just freaking out. But she wasn’t stuck on anything. She was pretty stiff as I held her and all of a sudden she walked away, then was running around like crazy, like nothing ever happened. My vet is out of the office this afternoon. This happened about 2 hours ago and she is her normal self since. I have never had such a young dog have seizures. She was in the back stealing the cat’s can of food and ate that. I know cat food isn’t good for dogs, but haven’t had a dog who hasn’t stole the cats food every chance they got. Anybody know what might be going on? I am waiting for another vet to give me a call back, but I don’t want to be wasting valuable time if she needs to be seen immediately. Any help is appreciated.