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Did the dog rescue group lie to me and is my boxer (mix) really an American pitbull?

HelloWorld asked:

The rescue group I went through said my dog I was getting was a Boxer mix, but he clearly looks and acts like a pitbull. He is a 85 lbs sweetheat LOVES children and loves everybody he meets. He has a tail that acts like a whip when people come to the door. He is black and white, although up close you can see a little bit of brindle coloring in him. Everyone that sees him, including me and my wife look at him as a pure pitbull. I love him anyway, but Im just curious to see if its likely that a rescue group would pass a “pitbull” as a boxer mix to help get him adopted. Here is a link to a picture of him so you all can judge for yourself..
He does bark at night when he hears people outside or when he hears sounds coming from the woods so he does have some guarding instinct which may come from a Boxer breed. The rescue lady said that she thought he was Boxer/ Mastiff mix cause he has really big paws. She even said that she didnt think he was part pitbull, not that I would even care but I just always wanted a boxer and am wondering if he even has any boxer in him. What do you all think he looks like? I just dont see any boxer in him and I feel that he is indeed an American Pitbull Terrier. Either way, he is indeed an awesome pup!

My female rescue dog is being spayed this week. Any special considerations to bear in mind?

Mary0319 asked:

She sleeps in the yard.. should I keep her inside while she recovers? What else could I do for her to prevent infection and keep her comfy while she gets better?
She’s getting spayed in a non-profit organization which spays stray pets and also owned pets for a donation fee larger than 10 dollars. I’m taking her there because I can’t afford a spay operation at the vet’s. It’s a very clean place with very skilled vets doing the surgeries… my neighbor volunteers and is a vet tech there, and she’ll be assisting my dog’s surgery. I’ll be calling the vet for some pointers and any medicine I should give her too, but in the meantime I wanted to start preparing what I could do.
She’s a rescued dog.. her age is about a year and a half. She’s mixed breed, looks kinda like a German Pinscher.

Rehoming A Dog?

BSL Fighter asked:

I need to find a new home for my dog(Diamond)because I dont have the time for her so what would be the right price to ask for her I just don’t want to say free to a good home because then I will have no idea if she ends up in a good or bad home anyway if you know anybody who lives in Atlanta Georgia and is looking for a pit bull puppy let me know here is her Dogster profile

I just found my new rescue mix dog having seizure?

Vicm0322 asked:

I have a mix rescue dog about a year old and have had her about two weeks. I found her in the back room having a seizure. She was shaking all over. Thought she had a nail caught in carpet at first and was just freaking out. But she wasn’t stuck on anything. She was pretty stiff as I held her and all of a sudden she walked away, then was running around like crazy, like nothing ever happened. My vet is out of the office this afternoon. This happened about 2 hours ago and she is her normal self since. I have never had such a young dog have seizures. She was in the back stealing the cat’s can of food and ate that. I know cat food isn’t good for dogs, but haven’t had a dog who hasn’t stole the cats food every chance they got. Anybody know what might be going on? I am waiting for another vet to give me a call back, but I don’t want to be wasting valuable time if she needs to be seen immediately. Any help is appreciated.

rehoming my dog?

nat b asked:

i need to rehome my 2 year old jack russel, due to very sad family matters.. i am finding it very sad and stressful, but its in the best interest of the dog.. i do not want to place her in a rescue home, but finding the right home for her is proving to be difficult. she needs an older family home with no young children. any kind of suggestion would be greatly appreciated.