4 thoughts on “how do we successfully introduce our new Pomeranian rescue dog to our 3 cats?”

  1. you can put a gate or something between them and just let them sniff eachother threw the gate and if they dont take well to the sent then maybe its just not meant to be but all i can say is get them as close to eahcother without them being you know CLOSE to eachother

  2. We went through this last year with our 3 indoor cats and our Pit-Bull mix rescue dog.

    In our case, there was really no way to separate them with gates and such, the cats can just jump right over them. Only closing a door worked as far as that goes, but we only did that at night, letting the dog sleep in our bedroom with us.

    Basically what we did was keep our new dog outside during the day for the first two months we had her. She was allowed in the house when we got home for work. She’s a very playful dog, and was determined to get the kitties to play with her, and we just let her get a few clawed noses so she could learn the boundaries. The only time we would directly intervene is if she seemed to be getting rough, or if she started to chase.

    You will just have to treat this like any other training exercise. Let the dog know when it behaves wrongly, and reward it when it behaves correctly

    It only took about a month for everyone to settle down and live peacefully together. Its been almost a year and they will all comfortably share the couch today.

  3. Whenever we have introduced a new dog or cat into our household we have just let them get on with it. The cats will hide for a while but in their own time, they will come and investigate. If the dog gets too close to a cat and the cat does not like it, the dog will get a quick paw swipe and learn fast. To be fair, we have never had 3 cats, just 2 when we introduced a puppy. I believe in being relaxed and all the animals will pick that sense up from you. I also make a fuss of them all, in front of each other, to let them all know that they are family.

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