Rehoming A Dog?

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I need to find a new home for my dog(Diamond)because I dont have the time for her so what would be the right price to ask for her I just don’t want to say free to a good home because then I will have no idea if she ends up in a good or bad home anyway if you know anybody who lives in Atlanta Georgia and is looking for a pit bull puppy let me know here is her Dogster profile

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  1. Awww Shes Beautiful. I Would Say Maybe 80.00-100.00 Because Thats The Price They Usually Charge At A Shelter When You Adopt A Dog. She’s Gorgeous. You Should Have No Trouble Finding Her A New home!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Has she been to the vet and at least had first vaccines and a worming??????
    If she hasn’t had at least basic care, you really can’t ask too much.

    Yeah, shelters charge that much, but they have at least done basic vet care for the dogs they adopt out.

  3. What about taking her to a no kill shelter or the SPCA.

    Both are goo places for dogs!

    I have been with my dad when he adopted 2 dogs from the SPCA.

    Both were very sweet!

  4. You would probably be better off turning her over to a rescue. They are experienced in finding good homes for dogs, and are more likely to place her the right home than you would be.

  5. I’m not sure how much you should ask for her, but I do think it’s admirable that you are trying to do what is best for her by finding a home where she will get the attention she needs.

    If you are worried about placing her in a good home, you can always ask for references from anyone who wants to adopt her and ask to visit their home to see where she would be living. Your local animal shelter may have a board where you could post a listing for her – it’d be more likely to be seen by a true animal lover than if you just post an ad in the newspaper.

    Good luck in placing her in a good home.

  6. .why does her profile say she is only ONE MONTH OLD????.

    .first of all… don’t say “sell her”. see it as an adoption fee and it shouldn’t be more than $50. The better thing to do is, meet up with the person who wants your puppy and see if they are really capable of taking care of her.

    .needless to say that I am more than upset that your parents got you a dog for your 14th birthday and THEN you realized, you cannot take care of it…….uh!

  7. What about the breeder of this dog? Reputable breeders often require any dog they produced be returned to them in the event someone can’t keep the dog.

  8. I have successfully placed dogs “free to a good home”. BUT, the people had to jump through a lot of hoops to make sure it was the right place. I would require the people to come to my home to meet the dog, we’d have an informal visit/chat….I’d ask a LOT of questions, and if they seemed like a good fit, I’d make them sign a contract that required them to return the dog if it didn’t work out, and to notify me in the event of the dog’s death, a lot of mumbo jumbo regarding the agreed upon purchase price that would kick in if the dog “disappeared”…. then, I’d do a home visit, check out where the dog would live, fenced in yard required, etc. If I liked the look of things, then I would deliver the dog to them for an agreed upon “trial period”. During that time I visited periodically to see how things were going. I did turn down a lot of people too. I made no bones about it, things were gonna be done my way or not at all. It worked well for me.

  9. aww. she is gorgeous! If I lived there and didnt already have 3 dogs I would take her. She is a beauty! BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN REHOMING HER. (as already said people would take this dog in a heart beat since it is still young to make it fight) Try finding a pitbull rescue group (no kill) and tell them that you are having a hard time finding a home for her because you dont want her to being misused.

  10. If I lived near you I would take that gorgeous dog in seconds.

    I do admire that you’re looking to adopt her out yourself. Just be sure she goes to a good forever-home. And THANK YOU for not listing her for “free”. $80.00 to $100 sounds reasonable.

    EDIT: Can someone explain to me why I got a thumbs down on this answer? Thanks.

  11. Just because you ask a price does not mean you dog will end up in a good home. You need to ask them some questions and ask for the name and number of their vet and talk to him/her to see if they take care of their dogs. Go to some dog websites and see the questions they ask. Make sure it is someone who really understnad Pit Bulls.

  12. Love the coloring of her.
    I think you should ask $80.00 to $150.00….

    You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a great home, please screen anyone that is interested in her.

  13. If you can get her to Jersey I will take her. She is beautiful. But be very wary of two things: Scumbags who ban pit bulls, so whoever you let her go to, make sure you check there is no impending evil BSL on the horizon. Scumbags who fight dogs and abuse them.
    You can do a background check on people for 200 people for 10bucks at All you need is their name.
    Please make sure you do this. Seriously, if you can’t find a good home, I will take her. Check out my blues on my pic.

  14. Why do you have to give up your dog? A dog is NOT disposable. I would live in my car with my dogs if I had to. I would NEVER give them up.

    Atlanta, Georgia HUH? Good luck.

    You probably got your dog from a BYB so you can’t return her to the responsible breeder right? I hope the dog is spayed or she could wind up being used as a puppy making money machine.

  15. Regardless of how much you ask you likely don’t have the ability to properly assess a new home for her. You have spayed her, right? So people won’t be exploiting her for puppies… You need to contact area Pit Bull rescue and see if you can get them to help you find a good home – they will either want you to turn her in to them for evaluation or have someone evaluate her and they do screen new homes — you won’t make any money off of her, and you should actually give rescue some money for their time and effort and to help with the millions of unwanted, caste off PBs, but they will be better at finding a good, suitable home for her… that is the only way you have of knowing she ended up in a good home — please don’t be advertising her on the YA! as it is illegal as well as irresponsible as you have no way of screening who any of these people are — you don’t want her to be part of a Pit Bull coat…

    add: Your parents were VERY irresponsible getting you a puppy for a gift — that is why responsible breeders don’t sell puppies as ‘gifts’ like that… Please don’t FALSLY advertise her for ‘adoption’ — you are SELLING her and it is false advertising to say she is being ‘adopted’ — rescues and shelters adopt out dogs – others sell them… She is young enough (too young to be away from her littermates actually and likely you are simply selling a pup) that rescue will have little trouble placing her and will do better by her than you or your parents could — contact PB rescue and turn her in now so she can have a better chance of being adopted by a responsible owner…

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