I just found my new rescue mix dog having seizure?

Vicm0322 asked:

I have a mix rescue dog about a year old and have had her about two weeks. I found her in the back room having a seizure. She was shaking all over. Thought she had a nail caught in carpet at first and was just freaking out. But she wasn’t stuck on anything. She was pretty stiff as I held her and all of a sudden she walked away, then was running around like crazy, like nothing ever happened. My vet is out of the office this afternoon. This happened about 2 hours ago and she is her normal self since. I have never had such a young dog have seizures. She was in the back stealing the cat’s can of food and ate that. I know cat food isn’t good for dogs, but haven’t had a dog who hasn’t stole the cats food every chance they got. Anybody know what might be going on? I am waiting for another vet to give me a call back, but I don’t want to be wasting valuable time if she needs to be seen immediately. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. my dog has seizures too but its pretty well controlled now with medication…you should take the dog as soon as you are able..good luck

  2. I wouldnt b waiting, I would take her to another vet NOW!! Cat food isnt bad 4 dogs, its dog food is bad 4 cats. Good luck with her and kudos 2 u for getting a resued fur kid.

  3. When a dog has a seizure they usually fall to one side and “paddle” their legs… they will not respond to you, their tongue may hag out or their jaw will be clamped shut… they may also drool excessively from their mouth.. it can last for seconds or minutes. If the dog is fine… mark your calender of the “suspected time of seizure”, then make an appointment with your vet. They’ll run some lab work just in case or tell you to keep an eye out for other seizure like activity.

  4. Seizures can be controlled by medicine. If your dog has them she has them. You do want to go right away because during a seizure it can cut off the airway if it is a long enough sz it also increases the heart rate to a high level. So my advice is to take her to ER or vet if they don’t call back soon.

  5. I had a dog with epilepsy . . . it’s not that big of a deal as long as you can commit to giving the dogs it’s meds on a very regular schedule. Also, if you can figure out what the “trigger” is, and can eliminate it, you can cut down on the attacks. My dog did not like thunder storms, and would always seize about a week after. As to the vet, there is really nothing that can be done right now, but keep your dog quiet and stay with her. She is probably very frightened. Good luck.

  6. Your dog will be ok, need to have her vet checked he will want to know if she has any more seizures and how frequently before putting her on medication, phenabarbatol is the most common medication and is inexpensive, they will also want to do blood work on her to check the function of the liver after being on the medication for awhil, I know a person that has a dachshund that has seziures and has been on the medicationfor several years and is doing fine. I also have a dachshund that has them and has never been on the medication but she only averages about two a year and vet didn’t think she should be on the meds.

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