How can I find my rescue dog’s puppy pictures?

SMAcure asked:

We adopted a beautiful german shepherd last year from GHGSDR. She was 3 years old. I’d like to find out her real birth date. But most of all, I’d love to get some pictures of her as a puppy so that I can frame them and give it as a birthday present for my husband. They love each other so much. It would be the best gift ever.

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  1. Perhaps if anyone knew what GHGSDR stood for, and where you got the dog, we could be of some assistance..

  2. You could ask at the rescue centre she got it from. And if they don’t have any then just get a picture of a german shephard puppy and pretend… 🙂

  3. Try contacting GHGSDR and asking if they had her as a puppy, they might have some on file. If they only had her as an adult, sorry but there’s no way you can get the pictures.

  4. These dogs do not come in with pictures and everything. I know that is tough on the people taking on a rescue but I’m afraid it is just the way it is.

    Never have had anyone hand over puppy pics to a rescue. Sometimes get their real DOB but not often.

  5. Honestly? I doubt you will be able to find puppy pictures of your dog and the dog’s real birth date unless it was born at the rescue you got it from. If that’s the case-contact the rescue and ask them, if they got the dog from someone else then you have no chance of getting puppy pictures of your dog-you might be able to find out the birth date, but only if the person they got the dog from let them know when they surrendered her to the rescue. Slim chance of getting the birth date if that’s the case.

  6. Most Rescues don’t have puppy pictures of their rescued dogs because they don’t normally raise puppies for 3 years then adopt them out. I would contact the people you adopted your dog from and see if they have any pictures of her from the day they got her…maybe they do….but it’s been my experience that when a dog is rescued his/her new life begins on the very day she goes to her new family…..because that is the day she really begins to live!! I would have your dog’s pictures taken professionally…they do a beautiful job those dog photographer’s do!! How wonderful that you have saved such a magnificent dog…the German Shepherd:)

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