What should you ask adopters when rehoming pets?

L.Randy<3's her Pony! asked:

What should you ask potential adopters?
When rehoming your dog, what kind of questions do people ask to make sure there pets are going to go to good homes.
Oh and just to be clear ahead of time.
I’m talking about adult dogs not puppies.

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  1. proof of vaccination of pets already owned.

    where will the dog live.

    who will be living with the dog? children etc.

    what will be given to feed the dog?

    what sort of experience do they have with dogs?

    will the dog attend classes? etc.

  2. Here is a really excellent website with advice on how to screen potential adopters, from what to ask during a phone interview, to doing a home check.

    I try to cover at least the expense of getting my rescues spayed/neutered, and their vaccines. Any other medical bills are covered by other donations, or out of my pocket (the adoption fees would be way to high if I tried to cover it all). My dogs usually are $200 puppies, $150 adults, $75 seniors; pretty standard for my area. Your prices may be different depending on your area.

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