Did the dog rescue group lie to me and is my boxer (mix) really an American pitbull?

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The rescue group I went through said my dog I was getting was a Boxer mix, but he clearly looks and acts like a pitbull. He is a 85 lbs sweetheat LOVES children and loves everybody he meets. He has a tail that acts like a whip when people come to the door. He is black and white, although up close you can see a little bit of brindle coloring in him. Everyone that sees him, including me and my wife look at him as a pure pitbull. I love him anyway, but Im just curious to see if its likely that a rescue group would pass a “pitbull” as a boxer mix to help get him adopted. Here is a link to a picture of him so you all can judge for yourself..
He does bark at night when he hears people outside or when he hears sounds coming from the woods so he does have some guarding instinct which may come from a Boxer breed. The rescue lady said that she thought he was Boxer/ Mastiff mix cause he has really big paws. She even said that she didnt think he was part pitbull, not that I would even care but I just always wanted a boxer and am wondering if he even has any boxer in him. What do you all think he looks like? I just dont see any boxer in him and I feel that he is indeed an American Pitbull Terrier. Either way, he is indeed an awesome pup!

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  1. I think he has quite a bit of a Boxer ****** feature, but he could very well have APBT in him, too.

    The rescue didn’t ”lie” to you. Most dogs that come in, are listed by pure guess on the breed(s). I would’ve listed the dog as Boxer mix, as well. Would I have put APBT mix? Probably not, just so people don’t overlook him, but I wouldn’t deny the breed’s possibility, either.

    He definitely has Boxer features, though.

  2. It could be! It looks pretty similar. Some people crop the pit bull’s ears and tail so if you look on the internet it might look different. I think it actally might be a mix of both!

  3. I think he looks like a boxer mix. People make mistakes. If they were wrong, they were wrong. Who cares since he’s a good dog? I don’t think anyone lied or mislead you…. I really think he looks like a boxer mix.

  4. Dog rescues don’t lie…they guess.
    They don’t do DNA testing to determine the breed for you – if you would like it done you can fork over the $100 and do it.

    BTW – that is definately a boxer shaped face

  5. Unfortunately, the rescue groups lie all the time. I think they believe they have to because people won’t adopt the dogs if they know the truth. I was told my current dog was 18 months old. He’s more like 5. Many people aren’t interested in older dogs – I would have taken him even if I had known.

    I see a boxer’s face but you should ask your vet about the breed. Most vets are pretty savvy about that kind of stuff. Oh, and be careful what you reveal to your insurance company. The rescue group told you be was a boxer mix – he’s a boxer mix.

  6. I see boxer in his muzzle.He could have some Staffordshire Terrier/Pit in there,but I see the boxer. I don’t see any mastiff,though.Here’s a boxer/pit bull mix that looks a lot like yours except for the coloring.

    Here are some more.As you can see,they all look different,as they are mutts,but some look similar to your dog.Oh,and the coloring of your dog is called a “reverse brindle.” Here’s a reverse brindle boxer pup:

    And here is an adult:

  7. His face is definitely boxer – way too narrow and sharp to be a pit.

    They didn’t lie to you, there is a lot of boxer in your dog and he is very handsome.

    Take good care of him and stop worrying – this is not a pit by any stretch and you’ve said yourself that he’s a terrific pup, so you got lucky.

    By the way, all dogs bark and most have guarding instincts – you just need your dog to bark when someone is approaching the house, you sure don’t want a killer.

  8. He is a boxer/pit mix, you can see his body, the pit look, his head is pure boxer….looks like a very nice dog and a sweetie.

    I don’t think they lied to you…

  9. I don’t see any pit bull, but he is certainly part boxer. I would think maybe Boxer/American bulldog mix. What do you think?
    Although back is not in the AKC breed standard, there are many black boxers or reverse brrindle boxers>=+brindle++boxer&btnG=Search+Images
    Here are some Boxer/Mastiff mixes>
    And other mastiff mixes>
    He’s very handsome!

  10. Nope, not an APBT or Pit mix. There is Boxer, but I do also see American Bulldog in that pretty face.

    It’s not that the shelter/rescue may have “lied” to you or intentionally mislead you to believe otherwise, it’s just that it can virtually impossible to correctly determine a dog’s breed or mix without registration (legit) papers at hand, especially with the poorly-bred “purebreds” being dumped off into shelters these day, thus resorting to merely guessing what breed or mix the dog is. When you adopt from a shelter, there is no telling what you’ll get (not that it’s a bad thing), you know?

    Don’t worry what your dog is or isn’t – just be happy with your “dog of unknown decent”. 😉

  11. He doesn’t look like a pit bull to me at all. He does look like a boxer mastiff mix. More mastiff than boxer.

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