rehoming my dog?

nat b asked:

i need to rehome my 2 year old jack russel, due to very sad family matters.. i am finding it very sad and stressful, but its in the best interest of the dog.. i do not want to place her in a rescue home, but finding the right home for her is proving to be difficult. she needs an older family home with no young children. any kind of suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Place an ad in the local paper and post signs on local community boards at Supermarkets, Pet Stores, Starbucks, etc…

  2. call your humane society in your area or get on the internet and look up jack russel terrier rescue and see if either place can help you.

  3. If you are looking for an adult only home I tend to thing its because your dog had an issue with a child,

    A rescue is a great way to have people who are experienced with the breed and hnow what to look for in a forever home.

    Here is a jack site that might help.

  4. well you have the usual.. placing ads in the local paper… calling the humane society or SPCA for help adopting your pet to the right home..

    another option would be to post flyers at local stores or community centers.. many places like that have bulletin boards where you can ask to post a flyer.
    A library might be another good place for the type of household your looking for.

    Another venue might be online… try doing a google search on adopting pets.

    There’s also a site called where you could probably post about it..

    And of course if there are any pet stores in your area, asking them if you could post a flyer might be a good idea.. include all the info about your pet and what kind of home you would like to find for it. And contact information of course. A photo would be good also.

    …oh.. also you could try talking to your vet.. sometimes they’l have access and incite in matters like these. that’s everything I can think of. Hope it helps some. good luck.

  5. Call a few local vets. They have a pretty good idea of some of their clients that may be looking for another pet. I can’t believe you can’t find a home for it. Jack Russels are very valuable dogs. Don’t worry you’ll find the right place.

  6. i would so adopt if we didnt already get one. his name is felix! well i would put up adds and see who awnsers

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