My female rescue dog is being spayed this week. Any special considerations to bear in mind?

Mary0319 asked:

She sleeps in the yard.. should I keep her inside while she recovers? What else could I do for her to prevent infection and keep her comfy while she gets better?
She’s getting spayed in a non-profit organization which spays stray pets and also owned pets for a donation fee larger than 10 dollars. I’m taking her there because I can’t afford a spay operation at the vet’s. It’s a very clean place with very skilled vets doing the surgeries… my neighbor volunteers and is a vet tech there, and she’ll be assisting my dog’s surgery. I’ll be calling the vet for some pointers and any medicine I should give her too, but in the meantime I wanted to start preparing what I could do.
She’s a rescued dog.. her age is about a year and a half. She’s mixed breed, looks kinda like a German Pinscher.

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  1. Yes please bring her inside the house. She should not be left outside, this is major surgery.
    The vet will give you advice on what should be done while she recovers.

  2. Don’t let her move around a lot when they stitch her up it is basically on the underbelly and is she runs and plays a lot it might let her stitches out. And keep her inside so you can keep a good eye on her.

  3. In the house approx. 10 days would be good. How U confine them depends a lot on the dog’s personality. Some dogs are naturally quiet, while others are more bouncy and need crated for a few days. The vet will fill U in on what U need to know. The main thing is watch for any unusual swelling. There will be a little swelling at some point, but it should not be too red or puffy. Most places use inside stitches and surgical glue nowadays, so wounds heal quickly. Just use common sense.

  4. If you got her from a reputable shelter they normally fo the spaying so this surprises me.Anyhow depending on age will determine the after care but l can assure you that she need rest and quiet after the op which now days is not as long an operation as it used to be.You take Her in in the morning and you take her home usually that night and keep her in a warm comfortable area away from too much noise.Give her fluids and if she does want to eat try a little boiled Rice and cooked chicken and no more.if you gave the age of the female l could have given you more definitive answer.Females and males get over this quickly,males quicker than females as with them it is only a quick cut but there is more work with a female but the anaesthetics used these days leave no lasting grogginess or after affects so all should be ok.Treat her carefully the first 2 days and then she will be back to normal and the sutures or stitches depending what your vet uses usually come out 10 days later

  5. dog trainer 30 plus years –
    I am pleased to hear you are getting your dog spayed. It shows you are a responsible pet owner. If she is potty trained…I would keep her indoors for a 4 days or so. You will be able to see when the wound is sealing shut. Also if it drains any fluid you can take peroxide to it and just gently dab it…it will help to dry it up. Although if it seeps a lot make sure you call your vet. After antiseptic some dogs get a bit nauseous so make sure that she drinks enough but not gulping the water down all at once…she will be thirsty. Sometimes the day of surgery and the day after what she eats will taste funny & unfamiliar again because of the antistatic. If she won’t eat her normal food have some “nutritious” canned food and put it on your fingers for her to lick. Usually I just let them lay in my lap and just hand feed them the first day. I then take their hard food and mix it with the canned on the second day. You again want to make sure they don’t gulp this down…so if you hand feed her it will help curb that. Make sure she does no jumping up or taking too many steps because the stitches can tear which will really hurt her. I even sleep in the floor with mine the first night…just to make sure they are okay, and if they stir in the night I just rub their upper chest and talk softly. They also sometimes get a little dizzy the first day so make sure you can gently have a hand on both of her sides when she is walking out to go potty or down the few stairs to go outside. I wish you and your baby good luck. I will be praying for her and wisdom and a steady hand for your vet. I know it sounds funny saying it like that…but that is really what is needed for a good surgery. Let us know how things go.

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